Ride Safe Santa Clarita

RideSafe-flyer…because Life is Not a Game

In the last two years, nearly 50 motorcycle related accidents have taken place on City streets, injuring 45 and claiming two lives due to unsafe speeds and driving.

The City of Santa Clarita wants to remind motorcyclists that if you are driving too fast and get in an accident – the life that’s lost may be your own.  Riding can be fun, but it’s not a game and the consequences of irresponsible driving all too often mean GAME OVER for unsafe riders of all ages.

The City of Santa Clarita is asking all motorcyclists to slow down and ride safe.

We also ask that motorists stay alert and aware of motorcycles and share the road.

Top Tips for Safer Riding

While it is true motorcycles are not as safe as cars, there are things motorcyclists can do to stay as safe as possible while on the road.

The following are some compilations of safe riding tips to keep you and those around you safe on the road.

Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Riding Tips from Discovery Channel

Motorcycle Safety Riding Tips from GEICO

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Tips for Riding

motorcycle1Importance of Motorcycle Safety Courses

It is highly recommended that all riders participate in one of more of the California Motorcycle Safety Programs courses, which are designed to prepare riders for the challenges and obstacles of City streets and freeways.   Courses are available throughout the state and in Santa Clarita.   

Discounts for Motorcycle Safety Course Participants

Motorcyc lists who complete motorcycle safety courses, from basic to advanced, are not only more prepared to properly handle road situations, they enjoy insurance discounts and local perks from retailers.  These include:

  • Allstate (5% discount), Progressive (5% discount), Geico (10% discount), Mercury/AIS (5%  discount), Nationwide (5% discount), StateFarm (5% discount), AARP (5% discount), and Markel (5% discount)
  • PitPro (10% discount) and Factory MX (5% discount)

motorcycle2Videos and PSAs


The message is clear Santa Clarita motorcyclists – Ride Safe, because your life doesn’t come with a reset button.


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